The day is TODAY!

How the hell do you build a full clientele in 3 months?!

It has been tested by multiple artists, time and time again, and it never fails. 

What you put in is what you get out. 

“When it comes to changing your life, if you’re not scared, you’re doing it wrong.” 
— -Jen Sincero

Building a clientele is the number one most stressful thing in your business. What posts do clients like? How do I spread the word about my work? Is building a clientele rocket science? We all think this.

Your dream clientele is out there. Want to know how I know? Because I know you, and I know you are willing to do anything and everything to make your visions come true!

It's easier than you think! Do this to a T and you WILL have results.


How to Build Clientele in 3 Months!


I am going to take a wild guess and say that you have a social media account, even more I'll guess that you already have a business profile displaying all of your work. Now what?


Yes, you read how many posts that is. Now do it, ain't that hard. This just means you gotta start taking more pictures as well!

The more you post, the more you will show up on someone's feed. Each post has a "life" of about 20-30 minutes before it disappears in the abyss of posts. Every like and comment you get restarts your post life. What can you do to help that? Well, when someone comments on your post, comment back. THAT COUNTS! Even you commenting back will lead to more engagement, which leads to a longer post life, which leads to more people seeing your post.

Posting at LEAST 2 times a day will not annoy your target client -- I pinkie promise -- so don't worry about that my darling.

And neither will clients. 

Make posts that are about you, what you do, what you like, and what you have in common with your clients. 



How to Build Clientele in 3 Months!


Did you know posts that contain hashtags have a higher engagement of at least 12%?! That is a freakin lot! 

Don't know what to hash tag? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Research what others in your business are using. #nomoremascara

What are your clients using or looking at? #soccermomlife #timetofocusonme

What brands are you using and what is their hashtag? #ebllashes #jbranded

Include your service and city. #knoxvillelashes #lashextentionsknoxville 

Do the research, look at what tags are getting a lot of traffic and the ones that are not.

The only thing I am going to tell you what NOT TO DO is to never just copy and paste your hashtags to every single post. You may have the same base repeating ones, but make sure you either add at least 1 new hashtag or change 1 hashtag. Why? The dreaded Shadow-ban. 

The Shadow-ban is like Instagram's "post police".

If you use the same hashtags over and over again, day in and day out then no one will end up seeing your posts if they search that hashtag.

The other way to be "shadow-banned" is to use a broken hashtag. A broken hashtag is one that has been used to many times that they don't want people to use it anymore, so when someone uses it they are automatically banned. Check the hashtags you use and make there that there is a "Top posts" section at the top of the feed. This indicates that it is working. Although, with Instagram's new updates even the past shadow-banned hashtags still have a "top-posts" section.

So the way I know if I want to use the hashtag or not is to see how many posts have used that tag. If there are over 600k-800k posts, you may not want to use it. We don't want to be needles in a hay stack, we want to be the mirrors that reflect our light in the day time sun!

How to Build Clientele in 3 Months!


When I moved across the country, all the way from Utah to East Tennessee I had a lot of work to do. How the freakin hell am I going to build a clientele in a place where I know not a single soul?! 

This is what I did!

1. The couple months leading up to my big move, I changed my hashtags to ones that are more localized to that area. 

2. I looked up the location Knoxville Tennessee or the different Knoxville hashtags on Instagram and did the good ole trick of "Give love to get love." I would find people who looked like my ideal client and would; follow them, like at least 3 posts and comment on at least 2. Then when they open their Instagram they would have all these notifications from me and want to see who the heck I am and would stalk me in return. 

3. I reached out to at least 10 public figures in the area. I sent them an email or a DM saying how much I appreciate all they do to uplift the Instagram community and how amazing their work is, of course being 100% sincere. I then asked if they would let me do a signature full set of lashes on them as my technique is new to the area and I would love to get their input on how they like them compared to what they have had previously. I didn't care if they posted about me, I didn't care if they spread the word. I was honestly just curious to see what they thought of my style. Even though in the end the majority didn't get a full set, they still knew me, knew what I did, and they were now thinking of me. Then word spread really fast about what I did just from doing this alone. 

How to Build Clientele in 3 Months!



You read that right. 
Now what is it?

Manifesting is believing and putting your full faith into the universe and declaring what you will have (what you want or need). 

This can be anything.

  • That you will always have a good parking spot when you go shopping. 
  • You will make $2,000 in a week.
  • That you buy the house of your dreams in 5 years.
  • And of course that you will build a clientele in only 3 months.

Sweet, of course I want all that. Who doesn't? So how can I manifest them to come true? Manifesting your desires is 100 percent possible but, to do so, you must use ALL the steps.

  1. Get real clear and honest in what you want.
    1. That means you must get very clear on the specifics, detailing the features as if your manifestation is tailor made for you.
    2. Make a list of 5 major things you want in your business (or personal life) and get real specific. You can say- "I want to build a full clientele in 3 months time." But lets get real deep. Instead say - "I want to build the full clientele of my dreams that will support me and my needs in 3 months time." 
    3. Side note: As you create your list, give yourself permission to want what you want today and be open to changing it tomorrow. Judgement of yourself doesn’t help you manifest anything.
  2. Ask the mighty universe!
    1. Once you have your list, it’s time to amplify your signal to the universe by asking for what you want. When the universe is clear on what you want to manifest, then it can help you. If you don’t ask, it will still try to help you, but it guesses as to what you truly desire.
    2. There are a lots of ways to ask including prayer, meditation, visualization, and vision boards. An easy way to ask for what you want is to write a letter to the universe.
    3. Ask the universe for what you want once a day makes your requests clearer and clearer.
  3. Do the work. Help the universe make it happen. 
    1. It is not just all in asking for what you want. No one gets anything just by leaving it up to chance and not putting in the work. 
    2. Write down 3 actions you can do today to bring you closer to your goal. 
    3. Start taking action and keep taking action until you’ve reached your goal.
  4. Trust the process.
    1. As you work toward your goal, it may question if manifesting actually works. You might get discouraged and frustrated. If you are sitting in the struggle and wondering when things are going to happen you aren’t trusting the process. When you question manifestation, you’re telling the universe to prove manifesting doesn’t work.
    2. To manifest, you have to trust the process.
    3. Whenever you find yourself doubting, catch yourself and say, “I’m getting closer and closer to my goals every day. The universe has my back and it’s awesome.”

      Repeat this phrase until you believe it.

  5. Receive and accept what you get.
    1. The universe is always giving you help, but it’s easy to miss the signs (especially when they come in unexpected ways). When you start to acknowledge and receive signs from the universe, the universe will give you more of what you want.
    2. A good way to get started with this step is to write down the evidence in a journal at the end of the day. Make sure to include anything that happened to you during the day that moved you a little bit closer to your goal.

  6. Keep your vibrations high!
    1. According to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you are sending out. To attract more of what you want, you have to raise your vibration. Vibrations are like little radio signals you are continuously sending out to the universe. 
    2. By spending 10-15 minutes a day (at least) doing something that makes you feel good, anything from watching a YouTube video or meditating, you’re ensuring your vibration stays high.
    3. Remember, a crappy mood means you’re going to be rewarded with crap. Staying positive is the easiest way to be certain good things are coming.
  7. Clear your resistance.
    1. If you haven’t yet manifested what you want, it’s likely you are resisting what the universe has to offer. Doubts, pain, procrastination, frustrations, anxiety, fears, regrets and resentments are all forms of resistance. And they are totally normal.
    2. When you notice conflict coming up, acknowledge it and remind yourself to breath and relax. It might sound something like, “I’m frustrated again. I’m resisting again. I get it. All I have to do now is breath, relax, and let it come. “
    3. If you are having a hard time letting go of problem, find someone to help you through it. 


That is it! It can be simple or it can be complex. Just do one step at a time and focus on one thing a day until it all adds up. 

Feel free to ask questions along the way. Especially when it comes to Manifesting! I am no expert but I surely believe 100% that is works, because it has worked for me!

Stay tuned for next week! Want to know how to KEEP your clientele once you build it? Check your inbox once a week for tips and tricks to get the most out of your life and your business!