Everything! Best training I’ve ever taken. I can’t even begin to explain how incredible she is as a lash artist and as a trainer. I feel like after 4 classes prior, and 3 years of lashing, after taking her class, I finally was able to grasp layering, shaping, crystallizing, and so much more. On top of lash 101, Bri gave me the confidence to show who I was as an artist on my business page. Before I was to timid to express how I felt, but she gave me permission to embrace who I am as a lasher and be proud of it. She’s changed my lash game & I’m forever grateful.
— Dacie
I think this is an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to invest further in the lash world. Business skills is something that is crucial in the lash world. With social media always changing and new ways to get your work out there, it’s always nice to have a refresher. This course also helped me get my motivation back. I’ve been focusing a lot on my clients and their fills and hadn’t been taking new clients, therefore I stopped posting as much on social media and stopped taking pics, because I figured I’d already posted that look before. This course has helped me realize that I need to keep putting myself out there. People want to see lashes I did today, not months ago. I’m excited to start being more active on my social media and really try to make this a whole experience for each client and enjoyable. I will be taking these tips in and can’t wait to get back to it! Thanks so much Bri!
— McKenzie
If you want a thorough training, Asia Kay Beauty Training is the way to go {online as well as in person}!!! From business and branding and tips on instagram that will blow your mind, to all the things you ever wanted to know about classic lashing and everything more about volume lashing…this training will truly give you everything you are looking for and more. Bri shares the tips and tricks of her many years in the industry and these little nuggets of information are like gold for you to use in your lashing career. I had so many “ah ha” moments that I am excited to implement into my day to day practices. I could watch these over and over and still gain tons of valuable information each time I watch them. I can not say enough great things!
— Gena
This training was by far the most knowledgeable! Also fun and rather than being in “school” it was like hanging out with a friend all day!


Bri is the best! She is so talented and takes her work seriously as an artist. She will give you the best lashes for YOU based on her extensive education in lashes and her studies on face shapes and eye design. Her work is flawless and meticulous!!! I promise you will not be disappointed in any way! She really takes her time with her craft and keeps in mind the health of your natural lashes as well. She has trained with the best of the best and it absolutely shows in her work!!


I have had the privilege to train with Bri twice for lash training. I have trained with many other major lash companies, but with Bri I was able to have those “ah ha” moments where things became crystal clear and just clicked...particularly with volume lashing!! Bri is so organized, and put together and she is a phenomenal lash artist herself. She has trained with many highly regarded companies in our industry. Education is of the upmost importance to her so she stays on the cutting edge of the latest trends and methods in the lashing industry. The personal attention you will get from her when training will be well worth the experience! I promise you will not be disappointed training through Bri and if you just gain an ounce of the knowledge she has then you are headed in the right direction!


I 100% would recommend Bri. I had just completed a one on one training with her and I couldn’t be more happy with how the last 3 days have been. She is so inspiring and I’m so happy I decided to take a course with her. She will do whatever it takes so when you leave you’ll be able to take on whatever challenges back at work! Thank you for everything Bri


Thank you for your time, enthusiasm, and encouragement! Means a lot and looking forward to working with you again in the future!
It was a great class!
— Lyndsey

Bri knows so much about the artistry in creating the perfect look for each person. Her attention to detail is unmatched. When she trained me she gave that same attention to detail. Bri was so positive, and her passion for the industry runs deep
— Ginger

I received personal help, advice, and encouragement. Excellent job Bri and thanks for the wonderful experience. Keep up the good work. This was a very educational class
— Aprill