Terms & Policies



Once you have signed up for a course there will be only refunds up to 30 days before the training excluding the $450 kit fee which is non-refundable. If you cancel within 30 days of training there will be no refund. In the result of the class being canceled you will get a full refund or be able to get online class credit.

We are brought together on this lovely day to elaborate our knowledge about the Cosmetology and Esthetic world in the wonderful chapter of Eyelash Extensions. During this training you will have the opportunity to learn the proper, healthy and safe way to apply Eyelash Extensions to your beautiful clients.

In most states Eyelash Extensions fall under the licensure of Cosmetology and Esthetician. A person must have at least one of the mentioned licenses in order to legally and safely apply Eyelash Extensions. This course is a Certification of Education on Eyelash Extensions. It is the responsibility of the attendee to follow and abide by the state laws and legalities, every state is different. Asia Kay Beauty is in no way responsible for the actions of the student.

Lash Services:

As a client one agree's to have eyelash extensions applied to the natural eyelashes and/or removed and retouched. I consent to the placement and/or removal of the Eyelash Extensions by the certified and licensed professional.

The client understands that on rare occasions, there may risks associated with having artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions applied to or removed from my natural eyelashes. The understands there are cases were eye irritation and discomfort may occur. The client agree's that if they experience any of these conditions with the lashes that they will contact the certified eyelash extension professional that has performed this procedure and see if it may be beneficial to have the eyelashes removed.

The client hereby releases any and all persons representing this salon from all claims, demands, damages, actions, and cause of action arising out of the performance of the service or of any nature.   

The client understands and agree's to the aftercare instructions provided by the certified eyelash extension professional for the use and care of eyelash extensions. The client realizes and accepts that failing to adhere to these instructions may cause the eyelash extensions to fall out and/or shorten the time the lashes will last.

The client understands that canceling 24 hrs. or less before the appointment (for any reason) or no-showing will result in a $50 fee. In addition, arriving 15+ minutes later than scheduled means that one is a no-show and will also result in a $50 fee. This is to be paid before next appointment is scheduled.

The client understands that there are no refunds for services provided.