I am coming to you today with a question. 

When did you start overthinking about everything?

What happened to make you over-analyze things and get stuck in your head? Because that is all that comes from overthinking - inaction from having too many thoughts in your head. 

And don't get me wrong. I do this on the daily. But as soon as you start noticing yourself doing it is when you can acknowledge it and change it. 

We naturally in this world feel like we need to over-analyze everything. What are peoples intentions when they talk to me? Are people just using me? How can I get better retention with my clients? Why isn't my friend talking to me anymore? Why is business slow right now? And so on and so forth. 

All of these scenarios and almost every scenario that I can think of is a lot simpler than you think. 
Break the thoughts and facts down into two categories.
How am I feeling? Why?
What are the facts? How can I fix the facts and change this?

And yes, this is a million times easier in words than doing it. But I promise it is worth being mindful and noticing what goes on in your mind and your thoughts. 


You may be asking...

When teaching my students and helping those around me in their personal and business lives I notice this is the one defining factor that effects them the most. They get lost in their minds and think to much. Life does not have to be that hard all the time. There will be bumps - but other than that it should be easy and free flowing right??? So why make it harder? If you are ever uncertain about anything - ask. Ask the person you are worried hates you even though they are going through personal family drama and just hasn't had the thought to reach out. Ask a mentor on how to strategically achieve your goal easier. 

You got this. If I didn't believe in you - I wouldn't be here. 

What are you overthinking today? How can you change the perspective? (Think on this through the week.)

Love always! 

Asia <3