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Put your soul back into your business


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

I believe anyone can make their dreams come true. In fact, I DARE you to!

 It's my dream to help others be the best at what they do and build successful businesses. I create courses to make it even easier to reach your goals. If you are interested in being the first to know when courses are open inquire below!

I don’t care about how many artists I train. I care about building. Building the solid foundation. I build the foundation that will hold and lift up the industry solidly. We are the fastest growing job in the beauty industry and if we don’t have SOLID foundational artists we will turn into the nail industry. We should value yourselves the same way a famous hair extension artist holds themselves, because we are just as important as them in the LUXURY business. This is a luxury industry and it should be treated as such. We as artists are RARER THAN GOLD and more valuable than diamonds. The more we respect ourselves as artists - the more your clients will respect you. I am here to not teach lashes, I am here to teach artists how to hold their power and express their art in the field of lashes.


Taking your career to the next level, or even changing careers can be intimidating. How do I go about the service? What products are best? What do I charge? I know nothing about building a business. 

All these worries are topics that will be covered. I DARE YOU to take the next step. Want to know why? You will be so prepared and excited  focusing your business that there will be nothing else you are more sure about. 

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grand rapids michigan

volume & Business Class

November 30-Dec 2

KNOXVILLE business & volume CLASS

december 5-7

knoxville tn classic & BUSINESS CLASS

december 10-12





We will dive deep together to super charge your business into your dream career. No one does it alone and you don’t have to either! The beauty industry is one that needs guidance in the business world! A beautician is no different than any other business owner, and you should take things just as seriously.



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